85 Links & Ideas for Practicing Memory Work

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85 links & activities for practicing memory work.

 In Part 1, I talked about why we practice Memory Work and how we apply it in our homeschool. We use the Classical Education method which encourages the memorization of facts. Our weekly memory work onsists of: Math facts, grammar definitions, Latin vocabulary, history fact, science question, timeline, geography terms and maps. I hope you can enjoy these activities and ideas as much as we have.

These are some ideas that encompass all subjects of memory work.

Copywork – I make copywork pages for each of our memory work using Handwriting Worksheets.

Match the Lego’s  –  I tape questions and answers on different Lego’s and they match and stack them. The Quizlet cards from Part 1 are perfect for taping to Lego’s.

  Dry Erase – Write out the memory work on the board and erase a word each time after reciting.

 Quizlet – All memory work is put into Quizlet. We can print cards, play games & take tests. They also have an app now!

 Tools for Educators – Great site for making dice, board games, mazes, bingo cards, word searches & lots other stuff. Plug in your memory work and print!

These links and ideas are listed by subject.  


Pronoun File Folder Game

Matching Game


Activity for practicing Linking Verbs

Prepositions Practice Packet

Grammar Minibook


Creation Lapbook

Ten Commandments Lapbook


12 Tribes of Israel File Folder Game

Ten Commandments File Folder Game

Books of the Bible Folding Sticks

Books of the Bible Cards

Write memory verses on these cards to read each day

Illustrate Bible Memory Verses

Copywork for memorizing Proverbs

Biblical Coloring Pages


Timeline Hedbanz

The Timeline Project

Book of Centuries

Guesthollow Timeline

Free Timeline Cards

Timeline RaceMix up timeline cards & have kids put them in order.

Timeline Match Up – Match the dates to the picture..


Math Drills

Math Foldable

Free Skip Counting Drill Sheets

Free Multiplication Copywork Sheets

Fiddle Sticks

Multiplication Wheels

Skip Counting Charts

Multiplication Worksheets

Dice / Domino Math Sheets

Multiplication Charts

Use large cut numbers (or any kind of numbers) and put in skip counting order.

Skip Counting Charts (scroll down page)


History Sentence Lapbook

King Tut Drawing

The Vedas of Ancient India

The Hindu Holy Trinity

History Coloring Pages


Solar System Cards

“Ectomy” A Game About Brain Parts

Body Bingo

The Circulation Game

Periodic Table Lapbook

Animal Classification Lapbook

Human Body Paper Dolls

Vertebrate Cut & Sort

Planet Riddles

Life Size Human Body & Parts PuzzleMake a life size body by tracing your child on butcher paper & make cut-outs of body parts using this file (scroll down for a pdf version) then place body parts in correct position.

Make playdoh models of body parts.

Great site for learning about body parts

Coloring Pages for body parts

Ocean Zones Foldable

The Five Kingdoms of Living Things Activity

My Body Unit for younger kids

Foldables to help with Cell Parts, Body Parts & Plant Parts

Great site for information about Earths components. Print the pictures and do a cut & paste with labels or copy the pictures by drawing and labeling.

Foldable for Cloud Types


Continents & Oceans Printables

Geography Cards

Shutterfold Maps

Country Cards

Landforms Cut & Glue

Bodies of Water Picture Cards

Salt Dough Maps

Memorizing Maps

How to make a continent map

Map Trek: Ancient World

National Geographic Mapmaker

Your Child Learns (1) Map Match – print off a large size map, laminate it & place on wall or floor & have kids place labels of country names, bodies of water, landforms, etc in correct area. (2) Map Puzzle –  print off 2 copies of the same map (1 blank, 1 labeled) & laminate both. Use 1 for a base map and cut up the other into puzzle pieces.


Ancient Indus Valley Map

Make a Geography Map Book

Maps of Different Countries

Tutorial for making a large Felt Map with pictures to place on it.

World Atlas Maps is a great resource for printing maps.

Psalms & Poetry

Psalm 121.doc

Psalm 28.doc

The Charge Of The Light Brigade

memory verses

Memory Work Review Box

 Ways to Organize Your Memory Work CardsYou will need some sort of organization system for all the cards. I created our system and we call it The Review Box. I have the cards divided by subject and the boys review 2 subjects per day. Once they master a subject card, it gets filed in the back of the box. They spend about 15 minutes at the beginning of our quiet time each day reviewing the cards. On Friday they recite memory work to me and I check it off on the Memory Work Cklist.xls.

The Brain Box  by Noggins & Nonsense

Scripture Memory System by Simply Charlotte Mason

 Other great resources for memory work

Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood

My Pinterest Board

Memory Work Pinterest Boards

 I hope you have enjoyed these links and ideas. If you have any of your own, leave a comment for others to enjoy!!



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