A Child’s Geography Sale 4 Days Only + FREEBIES!!!

Knowledge Quest is having a great sale on A Child’s Geography books this week, but it only last until Friday! These books are used in numerous curriculum packages like Heart of Dakota, which is what we use. They are great books, written to the student with lots of humor added in.

These books can be read by older students, but they are also great for a read aloud to younger kids. We are starting Classical Conversations this coming fall with my two younger boys and I will be using Explore the Classical World as a read aloud for them since we will be in cycle 1. There are projects at the end of each lesson that can be done by kids of any age so I am really looking forward to the upcoming year 🙂

Download the first 3 chapters for free.

The other 2 books on sale this week are…………. A Child’s Geography: Explore His Earth.

Download the first 3 chapters for free.

and also…………..A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land.

Download the first 3 chapters for free.

Knowledge Quest also has some awesome FREEBIES!! I am linking to them on the website so look around and see what they offer.

Map Trek  – These maps are the best maps I have found! They are used in many curriculums and you can download a sampler pack for free.


Globalmania – free ebook


Map Studio – Make your own maps (there is a free version and a paid version)


There are a few other resources I want to mention that Knowledge Quest makes because I just love all of their products. You can download the first chapters of most of their products for free, just scroll through the description page to find the link.

Expedition Earth

The Star-Spangled State Book

A Presidential Scrapbook (this is just beautiful!)

Around the World Unit Studies, studying 1 country at a time (you can download the New Zealand unit study for free)

A Journey in Liberty: A Study of the US Constitution (download the intro and first chapter for free)

Wonders of Old Timeline Book

A collection of biographies from different time periods……….

What Really Happened in Ancient Times?

What Really Happened During the Middle Ages?

What Really Happened in Colonial Times?

Head on over to Knowledge Quest today and check out the sale because it ends on FRIDAY!!! and there won’t be another sale like this one! I cannot tell you how great A Child’s Geography books are and how much we love them! Terri is a homeschool mom just like us and she created these products out of a need she saw for her kids and now she has blessed us all with her wonderful books!

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