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Ancient Egypt Resources by Sprouting Tadpoles

I am a huge history buff and Ancient Egypt is my favorite time period in history to study. We probably spent more time on it than we really should have, but my kids know it really well now :). So here is a collection of activities, videos, projects, lapbooks, feast ideas, and more! I hope you will enjoy studying Ancient Egypt as much as we did!

Ancient Egypt Online Games

Egyptian Tomb Adventure

Talking Pyramids

 Ancient Egypt Lapbooks

Homeschool Share

Dynamic2moms Lapbook (need to scroll down a bit for Egypt)

Ancient Egypt Activities and Crafts

 Hieroglyphic Chart and bookmarks

Ancient Egypt coloring pages

Make a mummy from an action figure

Build a pyramid with Lego’s

Build a marshmallow pyramid

Make a paper pyramid

Make a moveable mummy

Great collage book

Experiencing the ten plagues

How to Draw an Ancient Egyptian Portrait

Experience the pyramids in your home!

Design a Sarcophagus

Paper Mache Canopic Jars

Make an Egyptian headband

Dress like an Egyptian

Mummification experiment

Dress like an Egyptian

Make a model of the Nile River

Carve a cuneiform cylinder

Create a life-size sarcophagus

How to draw King Tut (this can be placed on your life-size sarcophagus)

Ultimate Guide to Ancient History Links

Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages

 The Crafty Classroom Notebookimg Pages

Notebooking Pages & Resources for Moses


 Ancient Egypt Video’s

 Video about the discovery of King Tut’s tomb

Music from Ancient Egypt

Explore the pyramids with virtual 360° imagery

YouTube Video of the Nile River

Tour of the Tabernacle

 Have an Ancient Egyptian Feast

Egyptian Feasts Ideas

Make Egyptian style cookies

Ancient Egypt Mapping Activities

Great mapping Ideas

Map of Egypt from cookie dough

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