Step-by-Step Grammar Cards & Memory Work Cards

Affiliate links used in this post. My son is learning how to label sentences with the different parts of speech in Grammar right now and he has a tendency to jump around and label what he knows, then go back and figure out the rest. Unfortunately for him, this causes him to mislabel a lot of […]

History Memory Work Free Printable Cards

History Memory Work Flash Cards Finally got my History Memory Work Cards completed! I made 3 – 4 cards per topic using a mixture of history resources for information so these should fit with any curriculum. I print these out and the boys glue them to index cards, then I laminate them. You can print […]

Fun Games for Reviewing Memory Work

In Part 1, I shared about Classical Homeschooling and why we memorize important facts. In Part 2, I shared about 85 different ways to review memory work. In Part 3, I am sharing lots of games and fun ways to make that memory work stick! Jeopardy – this is my boys favorite! They just love […]

85 Links & Ideas for Practicing Memory Work

 In Part 1, I talked about why we practice Memory Work and how we apply it in our homeschool. We use the Classical Education method which encourages the memorization of facts. Our weekly memory work onsists of: Math facts, grammar definitions, Latin vocabulary, history fact, science question, timeline, geography terms and maps. I hope you can enjoy these activities […]

How We Use Memory Work in Homeschooling

I am going to share with you, over 3 posts, how we apply memory work in our homeschooling. I will also share some great links for practicing and drilling in Part 2. Then, in Part 3, I will share lots of games and activities we play to help the memory work stick! We memorize a […]