Flannel Board Sets for Busy Bags

I recently discovered Flannel Boards on Pinterest and fell in love with them! They can be made with either flannel or felt material and you can make them yourself or you can buy them. These boards are used for story telling and the felt pieces are created based on the book you are reading. You will need a flannel board to stick the pieces too, which is very easy to create DIY. Once you have a flannel board, creating the pieces is super fun! I went through our books picking out my sons favorites and then went to work making the pieces.

I made my pieces using clip art then printed them onto cardstock, laminated them and then glued felt to the back. This may seem like a lot of work, but it is well worth it. And cheaper than printing on fabric, which I am not even sure my printer will do…… This is great for those kinesthetic learners that need to be moving around.

Below are some pics of pieces I have made. If you would like to print these, just click the links below. I also included a link to a DIY board and my Pinterest board where you will find lots more felt stuff! I will add more felt pieces as I create them.

flannel sets

Flannel Board Zoo Set

Flannel Board Ocean Set

Flannel Board Train Set

Here is a link for a DIY Flannel Board:

My Pinterest Board with lots of felt projects:


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