FREE Math Printable: Large Cut-Out Numbers for Hands-on Acitivities

FREE Math Large Cut-Out Numbers by Sprouting

I made a set of math numbers that can be cut out and laminated then used for hands-on math games and learning activities. These are great for my little guys that are still learning their numbers and counting and also good for my older boys that are in higher level math.

My 6yo likes to lay them all out on the floor and put them in numerical order up to 100. I also included the math signs, + – x / ( ) etc…. and I will put some numbers down for him to add or subtract and when he knows the answer, he finds it in the pile.

My 4yo is learning to identify the numbers. I spread a few of them out and call out a number which he then finds and attempts to put in numerical order. These can also be used with counting items and finding the correct number in the pile which helps with number recognition.

My older boys can use these to work out large math problems and equations. I included the signs for different ways to multiply  x , ( ) , with a letter n, & division / .  We will work on problems that they can solve. This also helps my 12yo in learning the order of operations.

There are a lot of games and activities you can use these for, just be creative and send me pictures of you using them! Enjoy!

Download the file here: Large Cut-Out Numbers



  1. Thank you once again for sharing, it is appreciated

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