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ABC's of Ancient Egypt by Sprouting Tadpoles                                                                           ——Download file here – —-  Ancient Egypt ABC Cards by Sprouting Tadpoles

We are studying Ancient Egypt this year and I want my preschooler to be involved when we read or do activities. So I created these cards for him to become familiar with the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. He won’t grasp the concept of Ancient Egypt or even understand fully what we are talking about but he will learn to associate certain pictures to Egypt. The classical method of homeschooling works on a 4-year history cycle, which means that my preschooler will cycle through Ancient History three times before graduating. By starting him early, he will already be familiar with some of Egypt when he formally studies it in 3rd grade.

By no means do I expect him to memorize these cards, I just hope that he will become familiar with them. We are going to practice the ABC’s anyway, so why not use Ancient Egypt as the theme instead of monkey’s or dinosaurs???

You can do several things with these cards. I cut mine in half and he matches upper to lower case. You could also use them as flash cards, put them in ABC order, cut them in half then flip all of them over and match upper/lower case, or flip over and match by ABC order. You can also print 2 copies and play Concentration.

For more material on Ancient History, I have Memory Work cards and Ancient Lands Map Set to go along with these cards. You can find more resources on my Pinterest board and also some great printable packs from these blogs:

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I hope you and your kids enjoy these as much as we have! I am in the process of creating coloring pages and copywork to go with the Egypt theme, so be sure and subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss out on this great freebie!





  1. These are excellent, thank you immensely for sharing your files


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