Giveaway + Review of Applecore Homeschool Recordkeeping System


I have been given the opportunity to use and review Applecore Recordkeeping System, which is an online homeschooling recordkeeping system that can:

track homeschool records

produce high school transcripts

track school courses and grades

track each student/child by day, week and month

One of the best features, I think, is the ability to create an impressive portfolio of your child’s accomplishments and attach it to their transcript. You can track:

community work

outside activities

any performances

sporting events


internships / apprenticeships

You can add anything that you consider beneficial to your students transcript.

This portfolio is attached to the high school transcript and both can be easily printed and sent to colleges. 


Applcore System is Easy to Use

I have been busy loading my 4 boys schedule into this over the last few days and it really only took me a few days to get it all entered and that’s with me chasing 2 littles as well as keeping up with all the other household stuff. So my point is that it is super easy to use. You do not have to jump from screen to screen or place to place to enter different information.

For example, I had a membership to another online system a few years back and it took me WEEKS to set it up because I had to enter so many details in tons of different places: one area for courses, books used, hours, etc then another place to enter the details of assignments and yet another place set up his schedule. This meant that if I messed up something, I had to go back to 3-4 different places and change it! I eventually gave up on that system because it was just to complicated and overwhelming to keep up with. BUT with Applecore System, everything is entered with ONE screen and four options.

review of applecore systems by

review of applecore systems by

Scheduling Homeschool Assignments with Applecore Systems

Scheduling assignments is super easy. The assignment and time of day to complete it are both entered in the same place and when you are done, it exports right from there into a PDF file for you to print. 

review of applecore systems by


Tracking Attendance is also easy and can be printed from the same screen. If you have to submit your attendance to anyone, this makes is simple to do. It prints straight to a PDF file, which can be immediately emailed. Most times, systems will print to a document then you have to convert to a PDF file so Applecore made a handy little tool in printing straight to PDF. Saves us a step! 

Other Great Applecore Features

Prices for memberships are really affordable and is offered in 3 different levels: Free, Silver, and Gold Membership. View the pricing plans here

guaranteed satisfaction or your money back offer

unlimited number of students per household

training videos and support services

99.9% Uptime with 24/7 Monitoring

prints all reports straight to a PDF file

This system will work great for anyone that wants to track student records and progress. It’s a snap to use and it is not overwhelming to look at. You can read about what other moms / users think of it here or at the Applecore blog.

Jennifer at Applecore is graciously offering a 1 year Gold Membership to one lucky winner! Enter the giveaway below OR if you don’t want to wait on the giveaway and are anxious to get started, she is also offering a 20% discount for my readers that sign up using this discount code: sprout

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of Applecore Recordkeeping System 🙂 


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  1. I’ve been really wanting to try Applecore… I think I’ve tried every homeschool tracking software out there, and nothing has ever been quite right. Applecore looks promising.

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