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Ancient History Review Cards by Sprouting Tadpoles

History Memory Work Flash Cards

Finally got my History Memory Work Cards completed! I made 3 – 4 cards per topic using a mixture of history resources for information so these should fit with any curriculum. I print these out and the boys glue them to index cards, then I laminate them. You can print these on regular paper or card stock and laminate, but I like for the boys to glue the pieces on as we go over it together. It seems to stick in their minds much better this way. Once the cards are ready, we review them several times a week, either orally or with games. I don’t require them to memorize all of the words on a card, but with repeated review, it usually sticks. I have some memory work review ideas and memory work games to help you with ideas.

We have a Morning Review Notebook that holds all of our memory work  and each morning we review with a game or printable or just by discussion. If you would prefer to memorize, then I suggest picking one card per topic for committing to memory.   In the past, we memorized one history item per week, but I find so many things in history important that it is  hard to pick just ONE! So this year we will review all the cards and try to make all of them stick!! I am also attaching a test if you want to check your kids retention :).

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*****Download Cards Here*****

**** Download Test Here **** 


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  1. Wow, these are fantastic, thank you! Please keep us posted if you continue this timeline, it has really helped my girls. I am really grateful for your hard work!

  2. Thanks once again or sharing your resources they are really appreciated

  3. Thank you, I love these cards.


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