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Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting

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I have started writing a series on using Evernote for managing your everyday life. My first post explained how to get started with Evernote, such as setting up your account, creating stacks, notebooks, notes and tags. For this post, I will explain how I use Evernote for my homeschool planning. If you are not familiar with it or don’t have an account,  you can read about getting started here. I am going to start this post with the details of my notebooks, then, at the end you will find a group of pictures showing how I use Evernote.

Homeschooling with Evernote

In my homeschooling stack, I have notebooks for our 2013-2014 Master Plan, a notebook for each child, Forms & Templates, Activities at Home, Records, Memory Work, Resources, Subjects and Curriculum. It is easy to let your notebooks get away from you by creating too many so I like to keep mine simple and easy. Within these notebooks, you can create as many notes as you want. Here is a break down of the things I store in each notebook.

2013-2014 Master Plans for Homeschooling

daily schedules of school work using the chart function

links and a list of the curriculum I am using for each child

a book reading list for each child

each child’s daily routine

projects I would like for them to complete

goals for the year for each child

our school calendar showing breaks and holidays

end of the year evaluation checklist

Child Specific Notebooks

These notebooks are shared with each individual child and they open their notebook each day to review any notes I add and to check their schedule for the day. They will check off items as completed, then I check it at the end of the day and add notes or questions for us to discuss.

each child has a separate notebook where I keep these notes:

a chart of their daily routine showing items to complete each day of the week

one note for each week of the school year (36 notes total) with a schedule for each day. I also include here any links to forms, websites, templates or books they will need to complete the work. They can click on the link, open the form and print it out

Book list and reading schedule along with literature guide links and relevant websites

links to ebooks and audio books they are reading

links to art work or music for Fine Arts study

links to helpful websites if needed for math, grammar, etc.

a list of activities, suggestions and website links for games when they have down time and need something to do

a link to Quizlet for practicing vocabulary words, root words, spelling words or memory work

a link to notebooking for printing out notebook pages or they can create their own

a dictation list and links for copywork

a materials list for science, history and geography projects

a grade book chart for my 7th grader, by subject and week

a schedule of memory work we are covering for the year

scanned in pages with the details of history projects and science experiments they are to complete

a list of spelling words, vocabulary words, and root words to review with them

a monthly note contains pictures of completed projects, grades and all written work scanned in

Once a month I archive the notes of completed weeks, grades and projects and put them in an Archives notebook. This keeps the amount of notes to a minimum for the boys and they don’t feel overwhelmed.

Forms and Templates

 any planners, forms or charts I may need

forms the kids will need

templates for graphic organizers

literature guides

Activities at Home

a list of board games and file folder games they can grab and play

a list of manipulatives we can use

a list of flash cards

links to websites for games or helpful info

activity boxes and their contents

science projects to experiment with

a list of suggestions for imaginative play

suggestions for doing art work: drawing, painting, coloring

toys they can play with

audio book or music they can listen to

videos they can watch

a list of ideas from Pinterest that I want to put together

books to read

a list of printable packs I have ready to use

a list of busy bags


Declaration of Intent forms

Attendance chart

archived monthly files from each child’s weekly work

a yearly plan per child

annual test scores

links to all the legal websites for homeschooling

links to my counties homeschool site

links to sites for getting test to administer

Memory Work Schedule

 a list of all of our memory work for the year by subject

a checklist for each child for reviewing memory work retention each week

links to helpful websites

forms or worksheets to complete

links to activities


This is where I keep a running list of anything I find helpful for homeschooling.

a list of websites with great forms, charts or worksheets

links to notebooking page websites

links to things I want to remember for future use

links to audio books or eBooks

links to my pinterest boards and other great boards I like

links to an online dictionary, encyclopedia and Wikipedia

links to my yahoo groups and message boards

links to used book sale sites

links to educational websites such as: Enchanted Learning, Starfall, Sheppard’s Software, Quizlet,, Khan Academy, just to name a few

links to websites of the curriculum we are using

a link to our counties online library catalog

links to Netflix and Amazon Prime movies

links to homeschool co-ops, classes and groups in our area


In this notebook, I keep a note for each subject and keep up with ideas as I think of them, resources I come across or projects we may try.  This is basically a collection of things that don’t have a specific notebook yet. I also scan in pages of handwritten notes and pages of things I want to remember. If I am flipping through a science book and find an experiment I want to try, I scan the page in so I don’t forget about it.


This notebook contains a list of all the curriculum and books we use each year per child. I keep track of what works for us, what didn’t work for us and why, a link to websites of curriculum we may try and ideas for the upcoming year to enhance our studies.

Since I have started using Evernote for my homeschool planning, I don’t forget things as often as I used to. And sharing files with the kids helps teach them about the power of technology and how to organize themselves. Evernote is a great way to collect all of your information in one place and know that you won’t lose it. I hope you may find it as useful as I have and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!


Photos that show how I use Evernote (click on the picture to enlarge)

Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting Homeschool Planning with Evernote by Sprouting





  1. Would you be willing to chat more with me about homeschool planning with evernote? I’m trying to wrap my head around how you do you tables and charts and stacks etc.

  2. Wow, thank you for taking the time to go so in depth! It’s extremely helpful. I have had Evernote for some time but don’t really use it that much. I have homeschooling documents all over the place in my cloud storage and want to try to consolidate as well as share with the kids. Based upon what you’ve shown here, I think this might be a great solution.

  3. Thank you SO much for this post! In the last year, Evernote has changed my life–I know, that sounds dramatic, but it’s SO true! It’s helped so much with organizing our homeschool and every other aspect of our family’s life, and I have enjoyed seeing how you use it in your school, as well. I’m still in the process of consolidating information I have scattered around my dropbox, home files, etc. and this post gives me motivation to finish that project. Thanks again!

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