How to Organize Your Life with Evernote

Do you use Evernote instead of binders for organizing?

Organizing yourself with Evernote by Sprouting Tadpoles

Have you heard of Evernote? Have you seen it? Maybe you even use it a little? I have been using Evernote for a while now and it is my go to for organization. There are two reasons for this:

          (1) Everything you put into Evernote is searchable.

            (2) It’s FREE!!!!

I am a scheduler, a planner, an organizer, a nit-picky, OCD, everything has it’s place, homeschooling mom. I had binders for everything: home management, homeschooling, meal planning, projects, blogging and more. Then I read the book Paperless Home Organization by Mystie Wynckler. After reading her book, I went from having multiple binders to 1 binder (some things just need paper). I organize everything in Evernote now, all of my home management, homeschool schedules, meal plans, blogging, projects, calendars, contacts, and so much more!

In her book, Mystie gives some great tips on utilizing free applications to keep yourself organized and structured. I highly recommend her book, as she gives so many more tips than just using Evernote and all of the things she recommends are available for free.

So now I am going to share with you some of my tips and recommendations for setting up and using Evernote. First, set up your account at There is an option to download it to your desktop which means you can use it offline or you can use the internet to access it.  I use both and they sync to each other.

Once your account is established you will be setting up stacks, notebooks, notes and tags. Set up your stacks first. Think of these as your binders.

My Evernote stacks:


Organizing yourself with Evernote by Sprouting Tadpoles



Then set up your notebooks. Think of these as your tabbed dividers inside your binder.

 My Evernote notebooks:


Organizing yourself with Evernote by Sprouting Tadpoles


Next comes your notes. Think of these as the pages stored behind each tabbed divider in your binder. Notes can be in the form of pictures, audio recordings, typed out ideas, PDF attachments, documents, clipped web pages, scanned pages……………….

 My Evernote notes:


Organizing yourself with Evernote by Sprouting Tadpoles

There are several ways to add notes in Evernote:

Create a new note using check boxes, a list or a chart.

Take a picture of handwritten notes using the webcam. The picture goes straight to your note.

Use the audio note to talk out your thoughts, then go back later and type them out.

Hand write your notes using Ink Note.

 Some things you can save in your Evernote files:

Scan in pages that you have handwritten.

Pictures that you want to use later for a project.

Your favorite recipes or new ones to try.

Meal plans, ingredients, shopping lists, items needed.

Emails you need to save.

Scan in important documents such as insurance files, records, medical documents, auto records.

Clip items from the web that you want to remember. (right-click on the web page and at the very bottom, you will have options to save in Evernote)

eBooks, purchases you made online, your child’s schedule

Create a contact list or calendar using the chart function.

Task list or to-do list using the check boxes.

Scan in important school documents.

Take a picture of you child’s project and add to their note.

A chore list and schedule.

A clothing chart for your kids so when you are out shopping, you can see it on your phone.

Scan in receipts you want to save or send them from your email.

Make a chart / calendar / list of your monthly bills and create monthly and yearly budgets.

Scan in paperwork for your electronics, cars, home or techie stuff.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you can do with Evernote. If you put something in the wrong place, it is very simple to move it. Just right-click on the note and scroll down to “move note”. All of these items you are putting in as your notes, are searchable with the search bar.

I recommend that you play around with your tools bar to find out what your preferred settings are.  There are many options to see and change around.

I set up an “inbox”, as recommended by Mystie in her book, that I default all of my notes to then I go back later and organize them when I have more time. I also have notebooks set up for my daily checklists and daily tasks. I check these notebooks first thing each morning along with my email and calendar.

Another great feature of Evernote is the ability to share folders with others. Say you want the rest of the family to see what’s for dinner or what is scheduled for the week, set that notebook to share with them and they will be able to view everything you put in that notebook.

One other feature I should mention is the ability to add tags. Tags are another way to categorize your information. You can create tags for priority, current, due today, each of your child’s names, the year, urgent, projects, meals………… Think of your tags as a way to group your notes that are scattered into several different notebooks. Instead of searching through individual notebooks to find what you want, simply click on the tag and it brings up everything under that tag. For example: I have notes for my kids in several different notebooks such as homeschooling schedule, chores, meal responsibilities, etc. These notes are in 3 different stacks and notebooks and because I have a tag labeled as my child’s name, I can click that tag and see all of his responsibilities for the week.

Evernote has been a huge help for me and I hope that I explained it well enough that you will be encouraged to try it. If you have any questions, feel free to email me, I will be glad to help. And again, I highly recommend getting Mystie’s book, Paperless Home Organization!

Stayed tuned to my series on Evernote by subscribing to my blog! I will be writing on Homeschool Scheduling with Evernote next. If  you are a homeschooler and don’t use Evernote, make sure you read this post, it will change your life!! 🙂

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