If I Could Go Back…..Advice to Myself After 9 Years of Homeschooling

If I Could Go Back... Advice To Myself After 9 Years of Homeschooling


Wow, has it really been 9 years since I started homeschooling? Doesn’t seem real, but if I could go back 9 years ago to when we first started homeschooling, I would give myself a long list of advice on what to do differently. I would probably tell myself to expect ups and downs, uncertainty’s, discouragement and lack of confidence in my ability to homeschool my boys. But I would also tell myself to watch for the great things that will happen, like the expressions on their face when that certain science experiment explodes, or their amazement at watching ants marching in a straight line while you patiently answer ALL 61 questions, and the accomplishment they feel when they finally learn how to do long division or memorize all of the US presidents.

So my advice to myself 9 years ago? They WILL learn as long as YOU are there to patiently guide them and encourage them. I would tell myself that my No. 1 priority should be to pray over my homeschool and plan according to God’s will.

I worried so much when my kids were younger. Worried if I was teaching them enough, spending enough time with them, using the right curriculum for their learning styles, were we going on enough field trips, were they getting enough social time, and on and on it went in my mind. I went through curriculum sites and catalogs constantly, always looking for the best one. I followed several homeschooling blogs for expert advice and of course listened to my family members that told me constantly how I was doing it all wrong and that my kids would be permanently damaged from homeschooling. Live is too short for worrying and when we put our lives and homeschool in God’s hands, we are in perfect accordance to His will and things WILL work out for the best.

My advice to myself:

 1) Spend more time with my boys & enjoy learning with them.

2) Skip the textbooks and learn through play until they are in 3rd grade or higher.

3) Only do phonics, math and read alouds until they are a bit older. The rest is fun stuff, science experiments, nature activities, painting, building with legos, math games. …..

4) When they are older, do more hands-on science and history projects, like creating a pond in the back yard filled with wildlife,  plant a sunflower garden, build a sliding barn door….. 

There are many more things I would tell myself, but my strongest peice of advice would be to spend time with your boys. They are only young for a few years and then it’s gone. You can’t get those years back. And to see the excitement and anticipation in their eyes each day is priceless, I wouldn’t trade this job for any other. Now I am tearing up, so I have to end the post before I go wake up my boys to hug them and


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  2. After almost 12 years of homeschooling, I agree! Time is most important. 🙂

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