497 Latin Vocabulary Cards + 1 Day Only Sale!!

Latin Vocabulary Cards Includes all 497 Henle 1 Cards!!

I have FINALLY finished ALL of the Latin Vocabulary Cards for Henle 1 and this pack contains 497 index-sized cards total! That is a lot of cards, so I separated them into four files. When you receive your download link, it will be one large file, with each set separated by a cover sheet.

  • File 1 contains all the cards for Lessons 1 – 16
  • File 2 contains all the cards for lessons 17 – 29
  • File 3 contains all the cards for lessons 30 – 42
  • File 4 contains the bookmarks, dividers, lists, charts and much more! 

I have added a few new things and updated others. I am including a coupon to thank you for your patience and grace with me!! I appreciate all of your support and hope you like these new cards.


Latin Vocabulary Cards Lesson 1 - 42


The Latin Vocabulary Card Pack Includes: 

  • 497 Latin vocabulary cards, index-sized with definitions
  • Color-coded by Parts-of-Speech for nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions & conjunctions
  • Index-sized declension, conjugation & derivative charts, for printing on the back of vocabulary cards
  • Full-size reference charts to quickly glance at all Latin definitions
  • Bookmarks for using in your Latin curriculum
  • Labeled index box dividers to separate cards by parts-of-speech
  • Blank index box dividers to separate however you choose – by lesson, alphabetical order, etc.
  • Labeled covers for placing cards on a ring instead of in an index box

Sample Pages of Latin Vocabulary Cards

Latin Vocabulary Cards by

Latin Vocabulary Cards by

Latin Vocabulary Cards by

Latin Vocabulary Cards by

These Latin vocabulary cards can be used with any curriculum but is aligned with the lessons in Henle Latin 1. The Latin terms are used in most any program which is why the lesson box is left blank, so that you can rearrange the cards to fit your specific program.

If you would like to purchase this set, visit my estore.

Coupons to use: For Individual Use purchase – use coupon code LATIN2019-I      —- good for $5.00 off each purchase

FOR Classroom Use Purchase – use coupon code LATIN2019-C     — good for $25.00 off each purchase

Leave a comment below and let me know how you like these! If you are a blogger interested in doing a review of my product, please contact me. Thanks and I hope these cards help you in many ways!



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