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Engineer-a-Coaster Review by Sprouting

My youngest boys, ages 4 and 6, have been playing with Lakeshore Learnings Engineer-a-Coaster Activity Kit and they are loving it! This kit includes tracks that the boys stick to the fridge or anything magnetic, and line them up so that the disk will roll all the way down into the goal box without falling off the tracks. I could actually see my 6yo’s brain turning as he thought about how to fix the tracks when the disk kept falling and kept falling and kept falling……….. This kit really helps with their thinking skills.


The kit also includes challenge cards to give them ideas for setting up tracks. My son enjoyed these but after a while, he wanted to create his own layout so he had to figure out where to place each piece so the disk would roll and then some may need to be moved up or down slightly or turned around completely (because he put them upside down). But I was pleasantly surprised to see him keep at it until he had the tracks positioned correctly so that the disc would roll into the goal box. He never got frustrated and quit, he kept at it. This activity is challenging and fun and he has played with it many times since!





My 4yo tried to help big brother place the tracks but big brother just got frustrated with him so I told him to wait and they could make tracks one at a time. He mostly liked rolling the discs anyway:). But my 4yo was able to put a few of the tracks together and get the discs to roll. He couldn’t make the track as large as my older son did, but he was able to make it work so I would easily say this activity would be good for preschoolers and up.


A few notes on this Engineer Kit:

These pieces are EXTREMELY durable! Just like everything Lakeshore makes, they are of excellent quality.  The tracks, discs and goal box are all thick and sturdy and the magnetic strips cover the entire back side of the tracks and will not come off easily. So in a nutshell, this kit will hold up to a bunch of boys playing with it for several years!

Lakeshore Learning has provided me with a coupon to offer my readers so if you want to snag this kit or anything else in their store, click here for your coupon.

I was provided with this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own, I was not compensated for a positive opinion nor do I recommend products that we would not use in our home. This is not an affiliate link, just an honest review of products I love from Lakeshore!



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