Setting Up the Geography Notebook for North Star Geography


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North Star Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles

We are using North Star Geography this year from Bright Ideas Press along our The Mystery of History Volume 2 study. I have been working on putting together our geography and history notebooks and didn’t realize how well these two studies work together along with using WonderMaps. The maps compliment each other quite well in both programs, especially if you use WonderMaps. My son really likes that his maps all look the same and for my very visual son, this really matters to him.

North Star Geography includes:

building a world atlas

research questions

geography terms

memory work

note taking pages

graphic organizers

maps (you can also use WonderMaps)

tons of fun, hands-on projects

suggested schedules for completing the book in 1 semester, 1 year or 2 years 

We will try to finish the book in one year so I went through and picked out some fun projects, noted the vocabulary, copied maps, picked out some research questions, copied notebooking pages from, copied memory work and enlarged and laminated some practice maps for our notebook. Here is how I put it all together.

North Star Geography Notebook dividers:

Schedule and Lesson Plans

Atlas Building

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles






Research & Notebooking  (I am using the geography pages from

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles






Memory Work

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles






Projects (this section will also have a summary and picture of his completed projects)

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles






Illustrated Dictionary (more detailed post on this to soon follow)

Maps – (World / North America / South America / Europe / Asia / Middle Ease / Africa /

Australia & Oceania / Antarctica)

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles






Games (to aid in memory work retention)

For each Maps section I placed a copy of the Atlas Building page and Memory Work page along with the corresponding map. He will pull these out each week, work on the map, then put them back. At the end of the year, I think I will bind them all together so he will have a complete set of finished maps made completely from memory.

Setting up NorthStar Geography Notebook by Sprouting Tadpoles

I plan to copy and enlarge each map to 11×17 then laminate for map memory work practice. He has a few weeks to work on each continent so after a week to 10 days of tracing, we move to regular sketch paper and he freehand draws until he gains better memory retention. I will have a more detailed post up soon on how we memorize our maps :). The map he is working on in the picture is the one I made for the World Geography Game I created, which can also help in learning continents and oceans.  I have more ideas for geography memory work practice and also 100+ links for geography resources that you can use if you need more ideas!!

I also want to mention that Bright Ideas Press recently released two new options for using North Star Geography:

An audio version of the textbook:

Bright Ideas Press

An online class which also tracks your grades, tests scores, etc.
Bright Ideas Press










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