Step-by-Step Grammar Cards & Memory Work Cards

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Step-by-Step Grammar Cards & Memory Work Cards by

My son is learning how to label sentences with the different parts of speech in Grammar right now and he has a tendency to jump around and label what he knows, then go back and figure out the rest. Unfortunately for him, this causes him to mislabel a lot of words and make mistakes. He knows the parts of speech and knows how to do the grammar work, but he just. won’t. slow. down.

So my solution was to create a step-by-step guide for him to use when labeling the sentences. I printed these out, cut them up, laminated and put on a ring. He has to complete Step 1 before he can move onto Step 2 and so on. It gives him a visual guide to follow and since he knows he has to follow these steps, he slows down and checks for missed words before moving on to the next step. I made these into individual cards because my son seems to get overwhelmed by seeing too much information at once and will skim it over and then there goes the purpose for the cards :).

These can be printed as a full sheet instead of cards if you prefer, or you can even print them 2-to-a-page and make them into postcard size. I hope these benefit your child as they seem to be helping mine!

Grammar Memory Work Cards

Step-by-Step Grammar Cards & Memory Work Cards by

I have also included a copy of our Grammar Memory Work Cards. My boys have memorized the parts of speech but we still work on them daily, along with our History Memory Cards and Timeline Cards. For ways to make memory work practice fun, check out my post 85 Links & Ideas for Practicing Memory Work and Fun Games for Reviewing Memory Work.

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  1. Fantastic resource, exactly what i have been looking for to help my students refine their language features 😀

  2. Did you at one time have Latin vocabulary cards with pictures on them?

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