The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Planning & Scheduling

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Planning & SchedulingWow, this year has really flown by for us! I can’t believe it’s already time to start planning again for the next year.

I have put together an ultimate guide for you that has tons of links for planning and scheduling your homeschool. The link will be split into sections by free resources and resources for sale. I want you to know about all the options I find, whether they are free or cost money. Then you can decide which one benefits you the most.

Homeschool Planning Resources

Using an Online Homeschool Planner ~ Homeschool Planet

Homeschool Planning with Evernote

Top 10 Resources for Planning My Homeschool Year

Super Simple Homeschool Planning Method

Plan Margin into Your Day


Seven Steps to Plan Your Homeschool Year

Setting Homeschool Goals and Objectives

Homeschool High School Planning

Planning Page & Recordkeeping Forms for Delight Directed Studies

Weekly Lesson Notebooks


Planning for a New Homeschool Year

The Easy 1st Step for High School Curriculum Planning

The Easy 2nd Step for High School Curriculum Planning

Planning Your Homeschool High School Requirements: Core Courses

Planning Your Homeschool High School Electives

The Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse

see my review of this ecourse here

Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Planning & Scheduling

Curriculum Planning Tips

4 Steps to Planning High School at Home

Planning Homeschool When Drowning in a Sea of Ideas

Online Tools for Homeschool Planning

Do-It-Yourself Markable Assignment Cards


Planning with Purpose – A 4-Part Series to Planning Your Own Homeschool Curriculum

Know Your Goals & Purpose in Homeschooling

How to Plan Your Homeschool Day

Mapping Out the High School Plan

3 Tips for Simplifying Homeschool Curriculum Shopping + Free Printable


Creating a Homeschool Binder

Choosing the Perfect Homeschool Planner

Top Ten Places to Buy Used Curriculum & Books

10 Steps to Planning Next Years Homeschool

Free Homeschool Planners

Free Charlotte Mason Weekly Planner

20 Free Homeschool Planners

Free 7-Step Homeschool Planner

Top Ten Resources for Homeschooling Planning

Easy Peasy Free Planner (for using with Easy Peasy Online Curriculum)

100+ Places to Find Planner Printables for 2016

Homeschool Planning Pages from Mama Jenn

Student Planner 2016 from Blessed Learners

Donna Young’s Homeschooling Planning Forms

Classical Conversations Planners from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

Homeschool Planners for Purchase


Homeschool Story has planners to use with Classical Conversations

A Simple Plan Homeschool Planner

~ A review for “A Simple Plan Planner”


Mrs. Hutchinson’s Lesson Planner

Mrs. Hutchinson’s Classroom Guides: Homeschool Organizing

Weekly Student Planner  by Homeschool Creations

Weekly Homeschool Planner by Homeschool Creations


Printable Homeschool Planner

A Plan in Place Planners

~ A Review of A Plan in Place Planner

Homeschool Planners from Confessions of a Homeschooler

Homeschooling Portfolio Pack from Not Consumed

homeschool portfolio pack pin

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner from Apologia

The Ultimate Weekly Planner for Students from Apologia

The Ultimate Daily Planner for Students from Apologia

Applecore: An Online Homeschool Recordkeeping System

Homeschool & Day Planner from Classically Homeschooling

Plan Your Year from Ed Snapshots


Homeschool Scheduling Resources



Organizing Your Homeschool Schedule

Staying on Track with Your Homeschool Schedule

Creating a Block Schedule for Your Homeschool

The Many Lives of a Homeschool Schedule


Do I Really Want to Submit Myself to a Homeschool Schedule for High School?

Should You Switch to a 4-Day Homeschool Schedule?

Homeschool Day: 3 Smart Strageties to Fitting It All In

Over Scheduling + Over Planning = Over Loaded

How to Create a Homeschool Schedule that You Can Stick To

Weekly Routine: Budgeting Your Time

Mapping Out Your Homeschool Year + Free Scheduling Forms

Creating a Homeschool Schedule

A Schedule That Works

Getting and Staying Organized: 5 Days of Tips and Inspirations



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