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We Choose Virtues Review by Sprouting Tadpoles

I think one of the hardest parts of homeschooling is the character training you do with your kids. I have tried several different programs and they are either way too detailed or too childish to include my older boys. So we always dropped them with no hopes of finding anything worth while. Then I got the opportuity to do a review of the We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards. After using these cards for the last few weeks, I can honestly say that I have now, finally, found a program that works for us and can include both my younger boys and older boys. These cards are just awesome! I can’t think of a better word to say here. I was so excited when they arrived and when I opened the cards and looked at them, I was in awe.

We Choose Virtues Parenting Cards

These cards are so vibrant and sturdy, they are just inspiring when you look at them. They are large, colorful and include one virtue per card. The front has a picture of a kid from VirtueVille with a character trait and a catchphrase of a positive action. This is followed by the negative form of the catchphrase to show attitudes and actions that are hurtful or wrong and need to be changed along with a scripture reference. The back of each card contains Teachable Moments, a User Challenge, a story about the kid from VirtueVille that is pictured on the front of the card and other activities to reinforce the character trait.

The 12 virtues covered are: 

I am Diligent

I am Kind

I am Helpful

I am Obedient

I am Forgiving

I am Perseverant

I am Gentle

I am Patient

I am Self-Controlled

I am Content

I am Honest

I am Attentive

We Choose Virtues offers several products to go along with the Parenting Cards that help reinforce these character traits. They offer teaching cards, flash cards, posters, awards and sticker charts and several downloadable items such as a Teachers Guide, a Bible Reference, Coloring Pages, Character Assessment Chart and much more!

We Choose Virtues Review by Sprouting Tadpoles

The Parenting Cards from We Choose Virtues are a simple and fun way to teach character to your kids. I keep our card inside a sheet protector on our Morning Time Board and we go over it along with our calendar, weather, clock and temperature. It takes us about 10 minutes to review and then we reference the character trait throughout the day (some days more than others!). There are a lot of examples and ideas to use on the cards and in the Teacher Handbook. My boys are starting to learn what it means to have good character and they are actually becoming more pleasent to be around! So the best thing about these cards is that they actually work! and because they are simple and entertaining to use, we look forward to seeing the cards each day. I am thinking of getting the Flash Cards or Clue Cards because I like the idea of pulling them out when we need them throughout the day instead of pulling out the Parenting Card multiple times.

 We Choose Virtues Review by Sprouting Tadpoles  We Choose Virtues Review by Sprouting Tadpoles

You can see the actual size of the cards here. I placed 2 of them next to an 8 1/2″ x 11″ sheet of paper so you can see that they are each half the size of a piece of paper.

We Choose Virtues Review by Sprouting Tadpoles

For my readers, We Choose Virtues gave me a special promo code for 20% off. Use the code VIRTUEBLOG when you make a purchase to recieve your discount.
Also be sure to visit the We Choose Virtues website to see all of the available products. You can also visit them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more ideas and to see how others are using their cards. On November 18th, I saw on the Facebook page that if you visit the Virtueville blog and subscribe to their newsletter, you can get the Coloring Book download for free! So check out that great deal!
I received one free copy of The Parenting Cards from We Choose Virtues in exchange for my honest review. I do not review products that we do not use in our homeschool or that I do not believe in. Your purchase through my affiliate links help to support this site and my family. Thank you for your continued support and may God bless you and yours!

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