FREE 13-Page Printable History Journal

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FREE Printable History Journal

I have a new printable for you, a FREE printable History Journal! It is similar to my Science Journal pages with places for narrations, sketches, summaries and copywork. I planned on printing out several of the pages and binding them with my Proclick, but after watching the videos from The Ultimate Homeschool Organization eCourse, I am changing the way I organize the boys school work and won’t be binding them this time.  BUT they will still work great if you choose to bind them as a journal book which is why I included 5 different covers, one for each time period. You can have one big journal or just one time period at a time.

Free 13pg History Journal by sprouting

Included in the History Journal are 8 different pages:

  • Important People in History
  • Wars and Conflicts in History
  • Important Places
  • Historical Events
  • Discoveries and Inventions
  • Empires / Kingdoms / Governments
  • Religion and Mythology
  • Arts and Culture

A great idea for your journal is to add a timeline at the end, after all of your time period pages. Then your child can add to the timeline while recording entries. I have free printable timeline pages as well as several ideas for keeping timelines to help you out.

Free 13pg History Journal by sprouting


*** Download History Journal pages ***

I hope you enjoy these!!




  1. This is really cool. I may have my stepson do some of this along with his school work this year for history. He attends public school and will be studying government and civics this year but since I am a history teacher myself, I want to cover some of the material he didn’t last year in 7th grade.


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