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2015 – 2016 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

2015-2016 Homeschool Curriculum Choices

For the 2015 - 2016 homeschool year, I am making some major changes with our curriculum choices. We are returning to the classical method after using the Heart of Dakota curriculum for the past two years, which is based on the Charlotte Mason method.  We are joining our local Classical Conversations … [continue]

Homeschool Resources for Religion & Character Studies

Religion & Character Homeschool Resources

I have rounded up some resources to help with planning bible studies and character studies for the upcoming school year. It helps me to have all of my resources in one place so when I am need of something, I can come here. If I need to find an activity, a new bible study, a […]


Used Homeschool Book Sale!!!!

Used Homeschool Book Sale

I am linking up with iHomeschool Network and the Not Back to School Blog Hop to bring you a Used Homeschool Book Sale! Yay! Who doesn’t love a book sale? Even if I can’t buy anything, I still love looking at books. I can spend hours upon hours looking at books, especially used books…….. So, I […]


Sale Extended One More Day! Build Your Bundle Sale

I have some news for you, the Build Your Bundle sale has been extended through today.  It seems that the server was flooded with hundreds of people all trying to check-out at the last minute, making it slow w a y  d o w n……….. and some people didn’t get their orders completed. So the people […]


Bring Medieval History to Life with “Warfare by Duct Tape”

Warfare by DuctTape by

I recently discovered the best books, call Warfare by Duct Tape. If you have a child that plays with pretend swords and thinks he is a knight-in-training, as mine do, then you will enjoy these books. If you are studying the middle ages, these books will help bring the medieval times to life. And they are […]


Homeschoolers, FREE FOR THE SUMMER, No Strings Attached, 7 Great Products That You Will Love!!

  What are your plans for the summer? Do you homeschool year-round like we do? or do you take a break? We take a break for a few weeks in June, then start back fresh in July BUT our break still involves educational learning like learning through play or watching educational videos such Magic School […]