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How I Cover Bible Study with All 5 Kids During Our Homeschool Day

Affiliate links used in this post. Doing our bible study each day is number 1 on our list of priorities. I make sure we read our bible and have prayer each morning right after breakfast, before starting any chores or other schoolwork, because if we don't start our day out the right way, with God … [continue]

Step-by-Step Grammar Cards & Memory Work Cards

Step-by-Step Grammar cards & Memory Work Cards by

Affiliate links used in this post. My son is learning how to label sentences with the different parts of speech in Grammar right now and he has a tendency to jump around and label what he knows, then go back and figure out the rest. Unfortunately for him, this causes him to mislabel a lot of […]


Adding Copywork, Narration, and Dictation to Your Homeschool Day

Adding Copywork to your Homeschool Day by

  I am a firm believer in having my boys do copywork and narrations every day and dictation at least 3 times a week. When we first started homeschooling over 8 years ago, I didn’t understand any of those things, but we did them because my book, The Well-Trained Mind, said to do it. Over the years, I have come […]


Lakeshore Learning’s Castle Blocks, A Review

Lakeshore Learning Castle Blocks Review by

We were recently given the opportunity to review one of Lakeshore’s newest products, the Wooden Castle Blocks. These blocks are designed to look like a castle when stacked together with some of them having crawling vines painted on, windows on some, doors, draw bridge, all the things necessary for an ancient castle. The boys had […]


Promote Critical Thinking in Young Learners with Educational Toys from Lakeshore Learning

Engineer-a-Coaster Review by Sprouting

My youngest boys, ages 4 and 6, have been playing with Lakeshore Learnings Engineer-a-Coaster Activity Kit and they are loving it! This kit includes tracks that the boys stick to the fridge or anything magnetic, and line them up so that the disk will roll all the way down into the goal box without falling off the tracks. […]


Friends & Heroes DVD Review & Giveaway

Friends & Heroes DVD Review & Giveaway by sproutingtadpoles

Affiliate links are used in this post.   Me and the boys sat down over the weekend to watch our Friends & Hereos DVD 1 and I was surprisingly amazed that my older boys liked the episodes as much as my little ones. These stories are full of biblical characters and references. The series main character is Macky […]